This, from law library leader and blogger, David Whelan, this morning,

The last mile of legal information is where law libraries can have the most impact. We can patch the gap between free-to-access information and actually help people find and stitch together the information they need. Our ability to help people navigate the information – to understand it, rather than just browse and search it – is our strength

So succinctly states the big role law libraries play, espcially in this day where a computer, iPad or iPhone is a printing press to publish openly avaluable legal insight and commentary.

I remember my amazement as a kid in the small town local library where the periodical guide to literature could connect me to the world – but only via the library getting my requested publications, via a dumbwaiter, from the basement archives.

The library was the last mile to this information.

Sure you can say “Google it.” But you may wade through hundreds of results. Other digital publishing is on platforms that does not permit the archiving of a publication, ie no working RSS feed.

Other open legal publishing needs to put in context. For example, credible legal blog content needs to be included on legal research and AI platforms.

With today’s digital – and open publishing – the demands on members of the American Association of Law Libraries to serve as our last mile is on display.

Go to one of their conferences or talk to law librarians to see the innovation and technology they’re developing and deploying to cross the last mile – to get legal professionals and the public the free and open information they’d never find otherwise.

Not ny hand, but via tech solutions that scale.

Big thanks David for applying the phrase ‘the last mile” here. Gives me a nice way to describe the mission Open Legal Blog Archive.

To patch the gap between free and open legal blogs and actually help people find the information they need.