University of Pacific McGeorge School of Law was named number two among twenty technology leading law schools by preLaw Magazine in its Fall edition.

It was LexBlog’s honor to play a role in this recognition of McGeorge.

McGeorge was the first law school in the country to use LexBlog’s Syndication Portal to aggregate, curate and syndicate the publishing of the school’s legal community of professors, students, staff and alumni, while at the same time strengthening the law school’s relationships with its alumni.

From preLaw:

McGeorge School of Law partnered with LexBlog, Inc. last year to launch McGeorge Law Today. It is a digital publishing and community for the school’s faculty, alumni, students and staff, powered by LexBlog’s Syndication Portal product, which aggregates from more than 30,000 blogging legal professionals.

McGeorge was the first law school in the nation to launch a digital publishing portal and community through LexBlog. McGeorge Law Today also syndicates and curates content from the law school’s publications and journals.

Alumni have the opportunity to launch a blog on the LexBlog platform at a discount rate, and McGeorge professors and students can start blogs with LexBlog for free.

Law schools are becoming digital publishing powerhouses, a trend that is only going to increase. However there is no central publication aggregating this publishing.

Law schools have a heck of a brand when it comes to alumni. Lawyers liberally share where they went to law school, in social discussion and as a badge of honor, professionally.

Having a law school recognize your publishing, as a an alum, in a digital publication that is updated the minute a new blog post or article is added a to the publication is much appreciated by alums.

A publication that is also a profile builder for alums, professors, students and staff by virtue of profiles automatically being created for individual contributors, their organization (ie, law firm) and their contributing publications.

For practicing lawyers, networking and name building are made easy with their publishing being streamed to fellow alms and subscribers via email.

Students get seen by alums and the general legal community in ways not facilitated by other law schools.

Professors and staff are seen by alums and the national legal community by syndicated publishing by profiles on the site and in Google.

The vision of McGeorge’s Dean, Michael Hunter Schwartz, and his team to use the latest in digital publishing to serve McGeorge’s students, professors, staff and alumni made McGeorge Law Today and this national recognition in technology possible.

Way to go McGeorge.