On this Veterans Day, law schools across the country, via Twitter account and other social media, thanked veterans for their service.

Other schools hosted events honoring their veteran alums, students, professors and staff.

What stuck out even more, as I scrolled through my Law School Twitter List of tweets shared by law schools, deans and staff was the pro bono work law school students dedicate to helping vets.

Two jumped out at me.

One from UC Berkeley School of Law.

Since 2009, law students in Berkeley’s Veteran Law Practicum have spent countless pro bono hours on a myriad of issues.

They’re now tackling a new issue. The deportation of veterans after criminal convictions, often stemming from mental health conditions related to their military service.

The number of former service members sent to Mexico is believed to be in the hundreds, with many others now in Jamaica, various countries in Africa, and elsewhere across the globe. 

The other news of law student pro bono work to help vets came from Duke Law School.

I’m sure I am only surfacing the tip of the iceberg in our nations’ law students helping veterans. I’m just sharing what I saw on my Twitter list this Veterans Day.

Well done Berkeley and Duke law students and the law students at other schools for your pro bono work to help vets. And thanks to the supporting law schools.