The other day I was talking to a lawyer about what it meant to slow down her brain.

Thinking of slowing down felt scary to her.

She was working so hard and not seeing the progress she wanted.

She thought slowing down would mean she’d fall behind.

Here’s what slowing down really means: Imagine you’re peddling a bicycle down the street as fast as you can.

You’re huffing and puffing trying to get to your destination.

Then you see me pull up in a Mercedes.

It’s got comfy seats, a GPS that gives directions, and it’s even got a cupholder for coffee, so you can sit back and relax. I ask you if you want a ride.

But you tell me you can’t slow down to get in; you’re on a deadline.


“But this car will get you where you’re going faster, you’ll enjoy the ride more, and you won’t break a sweat.”

“Plus, it’s got GPS, so you’ll avoid all the traffic on the way there.”

Still you say, “No. I can’t slow down.”

When we don’t slow down to think clearly, we make our lives so much harder.

Listen in to get what you need to slow down while keeping your case load moving. 

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You’ll get the guidance and support you need to get your workload (and life) under control. When you do, your life will feel so much easier.

I’ve got the Mercedes.

All you need to do is hop on in.

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