vLex, a global technology and legal information platform, announced this week the opening of its 6th Annual International Law and Technology Writing Competition.

Students from around the world are asked to submit a 1,000-word, blog-style article, on one of three brand-new topics. Prizes range from £250 — £1,500.

All finalists will have their articles published to an international audience of employers and legal professionals.

The writing competition provides students with the opportunity to stand out from their peers, enhance their employability, and have their work published.

The contest has had a heck of an impact in just five years.

  • Over 400 students from universities around the world have participated.
  • Over ten thousand pounds has been awarded to students.
  • Over 50,000 winning articles have reached thousands of legal professionals worldwide.

What caught my was vLex’ continuing commitment to legal blogging.

vLex was the first legal research and AI platform to include in its available research all credible legal blog posts, now over 600,000, from the LexBlog network.

In this competition, vLex is asking students to submit a blog-style article and to look through the calibre of previous entries on their blog for inspiration.

vLex’ encourages students to participate in order to stand out from your peers, enhance your employability and have your work published. Identical to what I tell law students as to why they should blog.

Dr Matthew Terrell, founder of the writing competition and head of marketing at vLex, is looking forward to working again with the students, guest and celebrity judges, and various vLex staff members who all play a role in shaping the competition, enable it to grow and prepare more students for careers in the legal industry.

The deadline for submissions is December 22.

If you’re unfaniliar with vLex, they provide access to comprehensive primary and secondary collections (including legal blogs) from over 100 countries, on one research platform. Founded over 20 years ago, vLex serves lawyers, law firms, government departments, and law schools around the world.

Kudos to vLex for hosting this contest. LexBlog is proud to be your partner, if not for the contest, in providing legal blogs to your platform.