It may look like I’ve been playing with my blog of late in order to test a new theme. Let me know what you think. 

I find it much easier to get out and drive the car than to look at the car on my screen. After all, it’s not the look, alone, it’s how things feel when I’m publishing.

New design, images or no images, bold author and email subscribe features and the elimination of those features, colors and no colors – and more changes and no changes. We’ve been playing with the theme for a few months. 

We’re developing a new theme to get back to the basics of publishing a law blog. 

A publication, and surrounding solution, that enables legal professionals to focus, first, on building a name and relationships. To grow business more effectively than using a website. 

A theme that also offers the latest in publishing technology and features regularly made, without request. 

A theme that provides legal professionals an entrance to the LexBlog blog network and inclusion in the Open Legal Blog Archive. Opportunities for visibility and syndication to other publications, not available otherwise.

LexBlog regularly hears from professionals just looking for a simple way to publish. “How do I get my publishing on LexBlog or in the Archive?”

Lawyers, law students, law professors, legal tech entrepreneurs and others want the visibility, syndication and the preservation of their content that LexBlog and the Archive offer. 

With 40,000 authors, LexBlog and the Archive it backs may be the largest legal publishers in the world. 

As such, we’re finding people are looking to have their legal publishing associated with the LexBlog brand, in the way a business person may want to be associated with a blog offering from the Harvard Business Review. 

People want to publish on the LexBlog brand. A simple eloquent LexBlog theme with free guidance and support would provide them such brand association.

We’re finding that many excellent publications in the Archive are sorely lacking when it comes to their platform and usabilility – for the publisher and readers. 

We can get anyone’s publication up on the new theme in a few hours. 

Not a wrap yet, and yes, letting you listen in to the cockpit at LexBlog. 

Thanks Scott, Brian and Colin for the good – and sometimes tedious – work on our theme which is getting close to out the door.