My posts of last week following #ClioCon hit home with lawyers turned off by inauthentic “legal blogs” published by marketers, not lawyers, to garner web traffic for law firms.

So much so that lawyers commented that they didn’t want to blog for fear of looking unprofessional.

On Saturday, I ran across a blog post by author and former business executive, Seth Godin entitled “We Forgot to Choose.”

Godin discussed moving on from an information age – give me all you have – to one of trust and authenticity.

From Seth,

“We are leaving the age of information and entering the age of choice.

Not just choosing what we’ll consume, but who we will become. Who will we connect with, lead, trust, honor, dignify, isolate or believe?

And how will we choose to walk through the world and what will we leave behind…”

Who will we connect with based on trust, honor, dignity, and leadership.

Will we walk through the world with an eye on what we leave behind.

Sound comments for those lawyers looking to blog in an authentic fashion so as to connect and engage with people.

There’s more than just a place for lawyers looking to blog in a real way. The time to do so is now, while at the same time focusing on the legacy you’ll leave behind.

In a world where people are turned off by so much information, or content marketing, from those not looking to establish authenticity or trust, you’ll proudly stick out from the crowd.