I’ll be at Indiana University University Maurer School of Law in Bloomington for a couple days this week.

If you’re at Maurer or IU, in general, and would like meet up, just holler – kevin@lexblog.com or text 206-321-3627. I noticed a few people from the law school engaged me last week via Twitter.

I am speaking at Professor Bill Henderson’s class on Tuesday evening and will be in town all day Tuesday and through mid-afternoon on Wednesday.

Little is as rewarding to me as speaking to law students and meeting people at law schools.

Bill Henderson’s class represents an annual trip of mine to Bloomington – pre and post pandemic.

Henderson’s passion for educating students what the business of law is all about and what it will be about in the coming years is unmatched. His class on the business of law gives students context of the law during their three years in school, not when it’s too late.

From this years ‘The Law Firm as a Business Organization’ curriculum,

Law firm partners occasionally get frustrated that their associates are academically brilliant but do not understand how the firm makes money. Likewise, clients perennially complain that very few lawyers understand their business, thus limiting the value of legal advice and legal services. In part, these outcomes occur because the business of law is seldom a topic that is discussed during law school. This course fills this knowledge vacuum by taking students on a guided tour of how the modern legal industry operates.

Though Henderson publishes one of the most prolific law blogs in Legal Evolution – more like a law journal than a blog, and I am all about law students blogging to learn and build a name, my talk is far from about blogging.

Henderson prompts me to tell my story from college in Indiana (Notre Dame) to law school in California to lawyer in Ireland and Wisconsin to two founded a couple legal tech companies in Seattle.

I can hear Henderson’s laughter when he tells his class of about one-hundred, ”Did you hear how crazy this guy is, and to do it all with a family of seven.”

Just henderson’s way of saying, demonstratively, that the sky is the limit in the legal profession, and that opportunities are only getting greater as innovation in legal expands.

By the way, I love Bloomington, Indiana.

My parents moved to Indiana while I was in college and became self-proclaimed Hoosiers, my sister and her husband live in Indianapolis, today, and we loaded up the Suburban with the five kids and a dog for the five-hundred mile drive from La Crosse to Indy for every 500 and Thanksgiving.

Even more, Bloomington is a piece of Americana not to be missed. Great university with an adjoining small town of shops, restaurants, pubs and hotels.

Beautiful countryside surrounds. Henderson even lives on running trail and rides his scooter into the law school.