Legislative Staff & Lobbyists

In 2021, the total lobbying spending in the United States amounted to $3.73 billion. The total number of unique, registered lobbyists who actively lobbied in the United States was 12,137.

For some careers, having a higher education degree can give you a competitive advantage. This holds true for legislative staff and lobbyists. Many of them earn their bachelor’s degree and then go on to earn a master’s degree. By earning a master’s, you gain a depth of knowledge on a particular subject matter that’s immediately applicable to your career goals.

Earning your master’s degree is no small feat. It’s a deliberate investment that takes time and resources. Many people work while earning advanced degrees. This adds another layer of complexity, as you juggle your professional life with your academic one – not to mention your personal one.

You must consider some crucial factors when determining your master program:

  • School Specialties and Strengths
  • Social and Professional Network
  • Program Details

With these factors in mind, McGeorge School of Law could be a good choice for you.

Our Specialties

At McGeorge School of Law, you can earn your Master of Science in Law (MSL) in Water and Environmental Law. Our world-class water and environmental law program gives students the opportunity to learn from our distinguished faculty and program team as well as from panels of experts.

We also have an online Master of Science in Law in Government Law & Policy. It is designed for those who seek to enhance their skills in lawmaking, regulation, election law, and lobbying.

In our programs, you develop real-world knowledge and practical skills. The concentrations provide you with the ability to hone marketable, essential qualities that are critical in today’s complex regulatory environment.

At the conclusion of our program, you’ll be better equipped to:

  • Review and understand agreements, such as contracts
  • Review and draft proposed local, state, and federal laws and regulations
  • Understand and comply with regulatory requirements for specific industries
  • Understand the nuances of legal protocol and how lawyers think
  • Work with attorneys and compliance officers

The degree can open up career opportunities for you or enhance your current role. With an MSL, you not only gain in-depth knowledge of the field, but you distinguish yourself professionally with a specialized, focused degree.

Our Network

McGeorge School of Law is located in the heart of California’s state capital, Sacramento. For anyone hoping to pursue politics, this is an ideal location. Sacramento is where the policy action for the state takes place.

We have esteemed alumni who became influential legislative staff and lobbyists in Sacramento. Our students are able to utilize this proximity to their benefit when starting their careers after graduation.

Our Program

At McGeorge, you have the option to earn your MSL degree entirely online. This gives you the benefit of flexibility. Whether you have family and other personal obligations to attend to or a full-time career, our online program lets you do it all. Our asynchronous courses allow you to cater your study schedule to your personal and professional commitments. You can even participate in our program part-time, if it better suits your needs. Having options enhances the ability to seamlessly weave your academia into your life.

Our staff works with you to design a strong, skill-based, real-world, and renowned curriculum that meets your individual goals. Contact our admissions office today to get started on a personalized trajectory resulting in career growth, lifelong knowledge, and practical skills from McGeorge School of Law.

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