Your social media engagement is an easy way to tee up a blog post.

Say what?

Take fifteen minutes to post an update to LinkedIn. All you need to do is hit the “Post” link at the bottom of the page.

A post can be easy. Share a link to a legal development, news story or blog post you read. Offer your take – why you thought it interesting and what it may mean to your audience.

Link to people’s and organization’s names – reporter, blogger, subjects of what you are sharing. This way they will see, via LinkedIn, what you shared and that you referenced them.

You probably have a few hundred words already, maybe 500. That’s long enough for a blog post.

Copy what you posted on LinkedIn into your blog. You’ll need to put in new links to items shared and the people and organizations referenced as the LinkedIn links won’t carry over.

Alternatively, take someone else’s post on LinkedIn and share it with your take. LinkedIn has the ability to do this built right in.

Your take being your insight and commentary on what they published.

Eitger way, you now have a blog post without even trying – or at least “trying” less.

Some how we get stymied by by looking at the screen on the publishing backend of a blog.

We think we’re creating this great piece that needs to be perfect. It’s like a work of art.

But get over on LinkedIn or Facebook and keying in copy just flows, even with two thumbs on an iPhone.

This free flow can make blogging easier and, just as important have you blogging in a nore engaging and effective fashion – you’ll be referencing what others are writing in a way that they’ll see you doing so.

Try it. It works.