LexBlog needs to be helping law school and law school library blogs.

Today, I ran across a blog published by the law library at the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law.

Nice blog – substance and engament wise – but it needs undapting as far as its interface, features and tech platform (no offense intended). This is where we at LexBlog need to jump in to help law schools, gratuitously.

Years ago, LexBlog put together a law school blog network which aggregated law school blogs and provided law schools, students and professors a free subscription to the LexBlog blog publishing platform – a blog, coaching, support and more.

However, other than Michigan State University College of Law, Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law and University of the Pacific – McGeorge School of Law, law schools didn’t seem to be all that interested in supporting their students and professors when it came to legal blogs. We should have approached the law libraries at the law schools as they tend to be more innovative and tech oriented.

In the above three schools it was more the people, Daniel W. Linna Jr., a professor and driving force on innovation and tech at Michigan State and now, Northwestern, and at a McGeorge, Professor Daniel Croxall, Dean Michael Hunter Schwartz and others.

With the tremendous growth in legal blogs as evidenced by the legal blogs, legal bloggers and blog publishing organizations in the Open Legal Blog Archive, I think it’s time for LexBlog to take more of a proactive approach of helping law schools by getting out and contacting those who are blogging, such as Cleveland-Marshall and offering our help, free of charge.

This help could extend to law students, law professors and law school administration who are not yet blogging.