There’s a difference between taking any action and taking massive action.

Not just any action will do.

But when we’re poised to take massive action, our body rebels.

It goes into a fear response that stops most people in their tracks.

Not you though because you’ll have this episode to fuel your desires.

If you’ve ever wanted to make more money in your practice, start a solo practice, or leave the law altogether, it takes managing your mind and nervous system to take the massive action required.

You’ll learn how to do that in this episode.

Here’s what else you’ll learn.

  • How to know when you’re in action versus massive action
  • The unexpected actions you’re right now that result from a fear response
  • The signals your body is in a fear response
  • How to manage your nervous system to take massive action despite fear

We’ll talk specific examples around invoicing, networking and more where you might not think the fear response is impacting your practice.

Learning how to take massive action towards your goals will change your life. This knowledge will make it easier for you to take the massive action you need to achieve exactly what you want.

Buckle in, and let’s go.


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