The Wisconsin law blog community is going strong.

That’s the word from the Jeff Brown in a Wisconsin Bar Association newsletter piece, last week.

WisLawNow, which has been aggregating and curating blog posts published by Wisconsin lawyers for two years.

WisLawNow is a heck of a resource for lawyers and the consumers of legal resources in Wisconsin. Free info from niche legal authorities.

From Brown,

In 2021, WisLawNOW bloggers posted 1,986 articles. So far this year, WisLawNOW bloggers have posted 1,584 articles. For the fiscal year ending June 30, 2022, WisLawNOW blog posts received 98,538 page views. 

From big firm lawyers to solo practition​ers, WisLawNOW bloggers are providing a steady stream of rich content. Last year’s posts touched on topics ranging from ethical issues in alternative dispute resolution, family law discovery tools, and recreational immunity for landowners. 

State Bar members can visit WisLawNOW and read content published by Wisconsin law bloggers on a daily basis. WisLawNOW curates member-generated content on a single website that allows readers to easily find blogs and subscribe to them, and offers bloggers a way to reach more readers and boost their visibility. 

The site is easy to navigate and offers search tools to help find posts on specific topics. Twice a month, members receive an email digest highlighting the best content featured on WisLawNOW.

Why did the Wisconsin Bar create WisLawNow and this resulting legal blog community?

For all the right reasons.

1. Creates community of Wisconsin legal bloggers that readers can access in one place.

2. Improves member access to a growing, timely library of legal knowledge that is searchable and responsive to mobile devices. And, members can find or subscribe to content of specific interest through practice-area channels.

3. Uses technology to expedite information delivery and extend the reach of member-generated content, potentially leading to lawyer-to-lawyer and consumer referrals.

Unlike working with directories, legal publishers and legal marketing companies there’s no cost for legal bloggers to WisLawNOW.

As Brown explains, WisLawNOW is a benefit of State Bar membership. Legal bloggers who join WisLawNOW continue to publish on their regular platforms, and RSS technology will automatically pull their blog posts into the WisLawNOW website.

The blog author’s law firm and profile are highlighted in the post, linking back to the original blog post.

The WisLawNOW legal blog community is up to fifty legal blogs, including blogs from solos, small firms and large firms.

The Bar is continually onboarding new blogs and members via this membership form on WisLawNow.

Go Badgers!