Can a publisher create a legal publication without writers and editors?

The answer is yes.

How so? Today’s creator economy.

The creator economy includes the class of businesses built by over millions of content creators, curators and community builders, including bloggers and social media influencers, plus the software tools enabling the production, aggregation, curation and distribution of such content.

Look at the legal bloggers publishing credible legal blogs. As a group, they are publishing over 8,000 pieces a month.

These pieces are covering niches from equine law to fashion law.

The blogs are being written by lawyers and academics recognized as authorities in their field.

These lawyers and academics may not have the professional writing and editing skills of those employed by traditional publishers.

But these folks write professionally for a living, and their writing is viewed everyday by other professionals – in many cases, by thousands of professionals.

Now aggregate and curate this content on a digital publication by targeted niche.

A publication which highlights articles by the day, archives all blog posts, is fully searchable and delivers a daily email of the best posts.

Not only is this legal publication, without writers and editors employed by a publisher, possible, the publication is more desirable than a traditional legal publication.

The expertise of the niche bloggers is greater, more niche publications can be created and the publications are free – and open.

The creator economy.