Jill and Laura Okmin discuss Sports Media Contracts and the Clauses that are not enforceable, women and their worth in the sports media market, GALvanize, Leveraging your Currency while your playing or coaching for a team, How to Vet your Agent and much more. If you are a player, coach, sports journalist, student, or sports agent this episode is packed with a lifetime of information! 

Laura Okmin is a seasoned reporter for FOX Sports’ NFL coverage and the third-longest tenured sideline reporter in the league’s history. In addition to her role with the network, she provides analysis for Westwood One’s Thursday Night Football, Monday Night Football and NFL Playoff coverage.

Named to Sports Illustrated’s The Unrelenting, which highlights the most powerful; most influential; and most outstanding women in sports, Okmin has covered the biggest names on the biggest stages. Spanning two decades, some of her work includes over ten Super Bowls, three Olympics, multiple NBA Finals, World Series and All-Star Games.

Outside of her career as a reporter, Okmin’s main passion is mentoring young women. For the past decade, her company, GALvanize, has reached over four thousand women of all ages in every area of sports across the country. She also conducts media training for professional athletes, coaches, NFL/ MLB teams and business professionals in addition to serving as a senior media consultant for the Professional Women’s Hockey Players Association.

Jill is a 32 veteran Sports Attorney, representing Coaches, Players, Athletic Directors, Media, NIL Consultant, CEO of Academic Gameplan, Adjunct Professor at McGeorge School of Law, Podcaster and Author. Contracts and Connections are my unique gifts. I also love to mentor and teach and have many free resources and online courses to help everyone. 

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