Secret Sauce

I recently listened to a podcast interview of Irving Azoff, Chairman of Full Stop Management, which represents recording artists. Azoff was asked an excellent question: what is his “secret sauce” for managing his music clients?

His response was:

  1. Always make the right decision for the client, and it will be the right decision for you.
  2. See rule #1.
  3. Think long term.
  4. Take every phone call.
  5. Return every phone call [and email].
  6. Treat people with respect.
  7. Always saying yes is easy and saying no is hard and can get you into some scrapes. You can’t be afraid to get into a fight. A manager [attorney] that always says yes and never gets into a fight is doing a [bad] job.
  8. The artist [client] is the drawing card. The artist [client] is the reason you’re there, and you have got to like these people and love music [the law] or you shouldn’t do it.
  9. Be charming.

Azoff’s advice for talent agents and managers applies to attorneys as well. What’s your secret sauce?