Local news deserts, as bad as they are for Americans, are an opportunity for lawyers willing to put in the time blogging.

A niche focused legal blog in which you speak to local people in a real, authentic and caring fashion.

Local news in this country is going away for most people.

Per a report from Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism, over 2,500 local newspapers in the United States – that’s a quarter of all newspapers – have shutdown since 2005. 360 have shut since the start of the pandemic.

One-fifth of Amèricans now live in local news deserts.

With the country to lose one-third of all newspapers by 2025 and the surviving newspapers cutting staff and circulation, local news deserts are expanding.

Legal reporters for local newspapers are gone. No one is covering legal matters.

I waited for jury verdicts on Friday evenings along side our local legal news reporter in La Crosse, Bill White. Great guy whose legal beat is long gone.

You don’t need to sit at the courthouse to publish a local legal blog.

Bring legal insight and commentary from someone locales can learn to trust – you.

Comment – with some insight and explanation on national, state or local legal news. Just bring it with care and a little passion for local folks.

If you want to focus on a niche do some of that. You’ll get known as the lawyer with expertise on that issue.

Your blog posts will be passed around by locals, whether by email or social media – think Facebook groups.

You’ll not be hawking your wares like other lawyers across your state or city, you’ll be establishing trust.

Don’t think it will work? If you’re in Sioux Falls, Evansville, Terre Haute, Altoona or the thousands of cities like them, just try it.

Simple blog with a clear title, an about page on you, a services page on what you do and a contact page with how to reach you.