Legal blogs in the Open Legal Blog Archive (Archive) are now publishing over 8,000 blog posts per month.

To be exact, 8,039 blog posts in the month of June.

The month of July is likely to be a little less because of the Indepence Day Holiday for those in the States and the increased vacation time of bloggers, worldwide.

No matter how you slice it, 8,000 legal blog posts a month is a lot of content.

Perhaps more content than any single traditional legal publisher is publishing in a month’s time.

This legal blog publishing represents a tipping of the scales in favor the creator economy and the citizen publisher of insightful open law and against edited and closed, subscription based legal publishing.

Closed publishing still has value, but it simply cannot match the niches covered in 8,000 legal posts a month.

The Archive , backed by LexBlog, is in the process of archiving all credible legal blogs, worldwide.

There are currently 2,797 legal blogs in the Archive, and growing, daily.

The Archive does its best not to archive spam legal blogs, of which there are thousands, being generated on behalf of law firms only in an attempt to achieve better SEO.

The Archive is archiving legal blogs sharing valuable legal insight and commentary.