Have you ever felt really good about the progress you’re making and then get thrown a curve ball?

You have an emergency pop up and your well-laid plans for the week go out the window.

You got a review from a partner that wasn’t as glowing as you expected.

You missed your revenue goal this month even though you’d hit it month after month before.

If so, you may be thinking you’re moving backwards.

This is normal and not a problem.

The problem comes when we make it mean that we can’t figure out how to solve for the curve ball.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What happens to your outcomes when you believe you’re moving backwards
  • How to recover from believing this thought
  • Two superficial emotions that come up with this thought that aren’t giving you the real problem

Focusing on moving backwards isn’t going to get you the result you want.

Listen in to unravel this thought, so you can achieve your goals without self-sabotaging.


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