When Mia Mosher, ’94, graduated from the University of California San Diego, she hadn’t planned on going to law school initially. Her passion for law stemmed from a chance encounter that led to a chance to interview with the Jones Day Law Firm.This encounter sparked her interest in law and started the long journey that led to her opening and operating her own family law firm with her law partner, Michelle Marsten.

Marsten & Mosher, founded in 2002, is an exclusive family law practice devoted to the ongoing emotional and financial health of their clients. Mosher and her team represent private individuals ranging from teachers and stay-at-home parents to professional athletes and hedge fund managers.

Mosher negotiates and litigates matters that include child custody, high-net-worth asset division, spousal and child support, and prenuptial agreements. She also handles matters of paternity, support, and custody for non-marital children.

“I’ve always built my practice on networking. I don’t advertise,” Mosher said.

Mosher represents high-profile athletes from the NFL, NHL, and WNBA. She represents not only the athletes, but their family members as well.

“Most of my clients are higher profile, but I really don’t treat them differently,” Mosher said.

Mosher takes pride in managing a female-owned law firm, and she has modeled her behavior after strong female leaders.

“We’ve always had very strong role models in family law from female judges,” Mosher said.

She sees family law as an empathetic area of law with a good work-life balance. 

“I really like the sociology of it; I think it tells us a lot about society. It’s really an indicator of what’s happening in society, and that’s really interesting,” Mosher said. “I love making an impact. I got a call from somebody a little while ago. I represented her when her daughter was three, and now her kid just got into veterinary school. That’s amazing to hear.”

For law students wanting to make a similar career choice, Mosher believes that specializing in family law as early as you can is very important.

“You need a really good network,” Mosher said. “It’s all about networking to me. Have a reputation, get established with the Bar, and volunteer your time. It’s a good way to meet people. Find a mentor; it’s really important in family law.”

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