“Your audience wants you to do two things. They want you to surprise them, and make them feel at home. Simultaneously. The better you can do those things at the same time, the further on down the road you get to go in your journey with your listeners.”

This from Bruce Springsteen, in a discussion about his album and movie, Western Stars, which brought us country tinged folk music with an accompanying orchestra. A strong change of pace from the rock band of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

Springsteen’s statement resonated with me, professionally and personally.

I also thought what he said applied to CEO’s. Build trust. Build relationships. Then surprise your customers now and again. No one keeps their customers forever by doing the same thing.

In our 18th year at LexBlog, you, as our customers, feel pretty comfortable with our legal blogging platform. You’ve built successful practices, gotten married, bought homes and grown familes during our time together.

You’ve provided plenty of feedback. We’ve taken it to heart.

We’ve also tried to surprise you with things like the Premier Managed Platform and more recently, Syndication Journals (f/k/a Syndication Portals)

We’ve grown to know and trust each other, professionally and personally.

I’ve gotten to know about your parents, spouses, children and your other personal passions by spending time together face to face and via Facebook. It’s been a pleasure.

To go further down the road with you, and all legal bloggers, as a whole, we’re working on a community of all legal blogs. Worldwide.

Legal blogs are driving the law today. Legal blogs are making the law more accessible, whether it be for consumers, small businesses, multinational corporations, legal academia or the judiciary.

Unlike libraries of proprietary legal publishing, there is no reliable place to find legal blogs, blog posts, bloggers and blogging organizations.

A little different than an album and movie, but a surprise nonetheless. And one that will keep this old man excited to be working in legal – and for you.