Not many legal conferences are in person this year, and one that is will require attendees to show proof of COVD-19 vaccination.

ILTA’s (International Legal Technology Association) annual Las Vegas Conference, ILTACON will require all guests – attendees, sponsors and exhibitors – to be vacinated before entering the conference’s physical location at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

Dawn Hudgins, vice president of service delivery at ILTA, told Frank Ready of Legaltech News, that:

“…[R]eactions to the vaccination policy have run the gamut. Some people have expressed gratitude that ILTACON will require attendees to be vaccinated because “they will feel safer to attend.”

And we have people who love to come but they are not in the position to either get the vaccination, whether it’s by personal choice or by health issues. And they are disappointed, obviously.”

Those not vaccinated can attend online.

Other than the annual Legal Marketing Association Conference in October, I am unaware of any other in-person legal conferences for this year. Clio Cloud Conference, perhaps the most dynamice conference every year, made the decison to go virtual early this year.

I like ILTA’s stand on vaccination. Even if only 60% of people are vaccinated, much less in many states, health and safety as well as acting as leaders as legal professiionals come before attendance.

Kudos ILTA. To those not yet qualifying to get in, get vaccinated.