“If we were doing this right, free journalism training would be available to anyone who wants it. An investment in our way of life. The same way Covid vaccinations are free.”

This from Dave Winer, the publisher of the first serious blog, Scripting News.

Like journalism, we ought to have free training for legal bloggers.

We’re long past the days of blogs not being part of journalism and the press. Winer was one of those issued press creditionals for the Democratic National Convention almost twenty days.

Bloggers drive news and commentary across the world today. Blog software is running 70% of content management solutions.

In law, legal blogs have replaced law journals, law reviews and legal articles when it comes to coverage of the law and legal commentary.

Like we need journalists, we need legal bloggers to cover niches in the law and locales. We are only scratching the surface of the areas in the law which need coverage.

Of course, legal blogging is not hiring an Internet marketing company or someone else to write blog content for you. Furthest thing from it.

Legal blogging is caring and experienced legal professionals sharing info, insight and commentary on areas in which they have personal expertise.

Problem is there are legal professionals who could and would help on the legal blogging front, but they don’t know how. With all the misinformation out there about what legal blogging is, how much time is involved and how it builds reputations, lawyers are lost on where to start. As a result, most don’t start.

Legal blogging training would bring about greater information, commentary and insight on the law, as well as a greater body of law. There would be greater access to the law – for lawyers and the consumers of legal services.

The training would be an investment in the law and in our way of life.

Being the only legal publisher dedicated to legal blogging, there are some things LexBlog can do on the free legal blogging front.

Stay tuned.