Rather than blog for someone else – to share information on an often loud and a crowded Internet, I blog for myself.

Much like digital media consultant, speaker and long time blogger, Euan Semple describes it.

”…[I]t has always been true that I write as much, if not more, for myself as for anyone who reads these posts. Writing helps me notice what I notice, it helps me understand what matters to me, and helps me gain perspective on things. Writing “in public” helps me to take what I am writing more seriously than just blabbing away in my journal.”

This is so true.

Blogging helps me digest what I have seen or read, gain context for my observations and understand what matters to me.

I’ve often said that I don’t know what I know until I blog it.

What does this mean for publishing? Is there a new business model or product here? Who is doing what?

By sharing my thinking publicly, I get people’s feedback, even if it’s just knowing what people I know we’ll may be thinking.

Thinking out loud is not a sign of weakness or confusion. It reflects vulnerability, authenticity and learning.

Such characteristics would seem to tell the world you can be trusted and that you’re likely to be an authority in your field.

After seventeen years of blogging, I don’t have a lot of “How to” posts left in me.

Like Euan, though, ”life continues to throw up situations and events that need processing. I should write more. I miss it when I don’t do it.”