Last week, marketer, speaker and one of the best bloggers going, Seth Godin shared ten reasons to write a book.

The reasons are spot on for legal bloggers.

Makes sense in that over eighteen years, Seth has blogged about blogging to build a reputation, relationships and to help others – not blogging for SEO and website traffic. His reputation has taken off as a result.

The ten:

  • Clarifies thinking
  • Leaves record
  • Project is completely you
  • Way to share
  • Takes up little space/portable
  • You get to write another
  • Increases authority in your field
  • We need your ideas
  • You become author
  • Not hard to publish

I’ll add a couple more.

Legal bloggers like to write. The better bloggers enjoy what they do.

Sure there are times when the blogging doesn’t “flow,” but compared to the rest of the population, we’re proven writers.

Two, if you’re writing a book on the topic on which you blog, you are not starting from scratch in writing a book.

I probably have written seven or eight thousand blog posts. Some good. Some not so good. But if I were writing a book on legal blogging, there would be plenty of stuff to use.

I know some lawyers who have penned over ten thousand blog posts.

Proven writers with a warehouse of copy to call upon.