I read, via a blog post from Rick Georges, that a Fastcase 7 update includes what Georges calls a “brief bank” for lawyers.

Got me thinking of a law blog bank.

As way of background, brief banks enable lawyers to get their hands on relevant briefs and memorandums that another lawyer has prepared and filed with the court.

Not only saves a lawyer time, but gives them insight into another lawyer’s thinking and analysis.

As a practicing lawyer, we had a brief bank available to state lawyer association members. It had few, if any, relevant briefs. And it took a couple weeks to get your hands on them.

Fastcase buys Docket Alarm, which then practicing attorney Michael Sander created. Docket Alarm could monitor court dockets and make available relevant court filings – including briefs and memorandums. An instant brief bank on steroids.

An aggregation of all credible law blogs provides much the same value.

A lawyer is working on an issue and looking for the current insight and analysis of other lawyers on the issue. Perhaps even from the most knowledgeable and respected lawyer on the subject in the country.

Unlike briefs, blogs are not filed with courts. Who’s going to aggregate them?

A company that is already aggregating law blogs with posts from a huge number of law bloggers.

If we’re smart, LexBlog is that company.

  • We are already aggregating blog posts from almost 30,000 lawyers.
  • We’re building a data base by blog subject, lawyer, location, firm, post subject, etc.
  • We’re building an API accessible to legal research and AI platforms.
  • We’re recruiting and adding blogs by the day.

Not boasting. Just seems like a doable common sense solution that would help lawyers.