I try my best to share each of my blog posts on LinkedIn.

As Jeff Nowak, publisher of FMLA Insights, shared recently, writing a blog post and not sharing it on LinkedIn is like hitting a home run and stopping at first base.

I don’t just share a link, I share the whole post in the space provided. If the copy won’t fit – most posts will not – I shorten the post up. Bottom line, I give LinkedIn users everything they need to get the point.

It does not matter one bit if readers do not come to my blog. Like you, I’m not selling shorts or chocolate, I don’t need people to come to my site to buy something. Again like you, I’m blogging to demonstrate my skill and build relationships.

Plus, folks don’t have the time to leave a social media site and visit another site to read an article.

Today was the perfect example of how easy it is to network by sharing a post on LinkedIn.

I penned a post yesterday on how easy it is for blogging lawyers to get found By potential clients. The post took thirty minutes.

I shared about three-quarters of the post (to squeeze it all in). Today I looked at who liked and commented on the post. I’m looking at people I’d be interested in talking to.

I guess I treat it much like a social event at a conference. Who would I like to get to know.

Except here I have more than a dimly lit room, a bar and nameless faces.

Here I can see who liked something I said, who commented on what I said and who shared what I said with others.

Today I saw someone from Asia with a strong background in legal business development in major firms liking and sharing my post of yesterday.

We’ve already connected on LinkedIn and are exchanging notes. My guess is we’ll hook up by phone and the obligatory Zoom call.

This is why you call blogging, “Networking through the Internet.” The content is just the currency of engagement.