I spoke about the pandemic’s impact on law firm business development with Jack Newton, the co-founder and CEO of Clio, a couple weeks ago.

The emphasis was – at least for me – that this is the time to be as different and unique as possible. Being the same as other lawyers and you may not survive – literally.

What’s does it mean to be different? It can be as simple as doing something that no other lawyer in your town or state is doing.

Let’s take a Workers Compensation law practice.

People are not working, so they’re unlikely to get hurt. Administration claims may be slowed or stopped, so getting claims resolved has become near impossible. Defense lawyers can defend those claims not moving forward.

At the same time, hundreds of healthcare workers are being sickened by COVID-19. Here’s a story on such healthcare workers in the State of Washington, alone.

Publish a blog for the State of Washington healthcare workers COVID-19 workers compensation claims. You will quickly become the leading resource on the subject.

People will find the blog by Google and word of the blog will spread by word of mouth from healthcare worker to healthcare worker and  family members to others, including healthcare workers.

Forget landing new cases, that may may well happen. But think “I’m am people helping on the front lines in the fight against the pandemic. I am making a real difference right from my family room. This is why I became a lawyer.”

Workers compensation lawyer? This is not hard nor terribly time consuming.

  • You have the core knowledge of workers compensation.
  • Put up a blog site on a site that is separate from your website and any other blog. Make it a real and authentic publication dedicated to healthcare workers in your state. That’s not a marketing website nor blog. Time to give.
  • LexBlog will give you such a site, with coaching, consulting, hosting and free support for thirty-some dollars a month on our #Blog4Good program. Don’t have any resources, it’s free.
  • Make a list of all the frequently asked questions you and your team can think of. Turn the questions and answers into a one post (brief article) each. Some of our successful bloggers over the last 16 years just answered questions one post at a time.
  • Look around the net for relevant FAQ’s. Use the questions, you’ll need to draft the answers.
  • Look at your state’s department of labor or workers compensation site. Use their content in posts. Organize it better. Break it into more digestible pieces. Such government content is not password protected.

LexBlog will help.

  • We’ll get up a national site on COVID-19 workers comp claims for healthcare workers and do relevant profiling work for you.
  • We can coordinate a network for the exchange of information between lawyers.
  • We can provide counsel and support for you.

Already have a comp blog. Get it in LexBlog. It’s free, We’ll curate the content anyone and now do it for people with COVID injuries.

I started just saying to be different. Along the way, I thought of comp blogs for healthcare workers with COVID-19.  Is it a big area that needs to be addressed? It seems so, but what do I know.

But even if it’s small number of people (and that would be great) you would be helping some people in real need. People who are putting their lives to help people.

Good things come to lawyers who help others – and you’ll be building a name as a caring and experienced lawyer who can be trusted. That’s an asset you’ll carry for years.

Be different. #Blog4Good