I shared my thoughts a couple weeks as to how legal bloggers and LexBlog, in combination, could help people facing legal issues arising out of the pandemic.

Our thoughts have jelled into an actionable plan that lawyers, associations, law firms, and LexBlog have put in motion.

Here’s the need, the plan, and the action being taken.

The people facing legal issues arising out of the pandemic include consumers, small business people, large corporations, associations, government agencies, and other legal professionals. All of us.

And their need for information will continue for years to come.

Issues never faced before are requiring the interpretation of codes, regulations, and case law as applicable to a pandemic. Pandemic law was never taught in law school.

To get this information, insight, and advocacy takes lawyers with niche expertise and lawyers with a desire to learn a new niche. Blogging lawyers.

  • We need to aggregate Covid-19 related legal blog posts from existing bloggers.
  • We need to get more lawyers blogging on all the many legal issues going uncovered.
  • We need to make it easy for legal professionals to share what they know – and what they’re learning on blogs.
  • We need to make this insight and information open and accessible.
  • We need to have searchable databases of this information by jurisdiction.
  • We need to syndicate this information to relevant publications, sources, organizations, and jurisdictions.

We’re deploying the LexBlog blog publishing and syndication platform like never before.

  • A special mobile-first blog like I am using – with our entire turnkey platform and free support – is free for six months to all lawyers who are members of bar associations participating in #Blog4Good. Only $39.99 a month thereafter – we worked to keep the price less than the WordPress business plan lawyers are using.
  • Lawyers not in a participating association may now receive a LexBlog blog – including our entire turnkey solution and free support – for only $39.99 a month.
  • “Syndication Portals” are being built for each state in which a bar association is not already running a portal.
  • “Portals” aggregate all legal blog content into a quasi digital magazine featuring the best and most relevant blog posts on a constant basis. “Portals” include original copy as well. Each “Portal” includes profiles of the contributing lawyers, their blog, and their firm.
  • “Portals” will be built and deployed by law firms with a good number of existing blogs. Such portals will aggregate and curate blog posts coming from various firm blogs. Such portals may include all posts or posts limited to Covid-19 related issues.
  • Portals enable lawyers in the firm or anyone to reach have a searchable database from which to access the firm’s knowledge they did not know was there. Nice business development tool for sharing proactively (email) with client knowledge/resources from the firm.
  • Each portal provides a searchable database of Covid-19 related legal insight – by firm or jurisdiction.
  • LexBlog’s Coronavirus Legal Daily aggregates all of the content, showcases lawyers, law firms, and blogs – and provides a nationwide database of Covid-19 legal content.

We’re moving.

  • LexBlog has built seventeen state portals and is now on schedule to build five a week. See the maps and checklists on our #Blog4Good campaign roadmap.
  • The New York City Bar Association (NYCBA) launched its portal, NYC Bar Insights,  yesterday
  • As part of NYCBA’s member benefits program, LexBlog has already received dozens of lawyer inquiries looking to blog on niches – on free blogs.
  • Sheppard Mullin and Proskauer have launched portal sites with a large aggregation of Covid-19 insight. Sheppard Mullin Coronavirus Insights, Sheppard Mullin In the Know, and Proskauer Coronavirus Insights
  • Bar Associations in Illinois, Texas, Arizona, and Wisconsin have launched portals with Covid-19 posts.
  • We’re beginning calls to associations and law firms as their portals are built so they’re included in #Blog4Good.

And LexBlog make it easy for everyone.

  • Cost will not be an impediment to helping people. LexBlog will make certain that legal professionals, law firms, and associations have the opportunity to help, no matter their available resources.
  • Education on blogging – and it how blogging can be easy – will be provided. Legal Blogging, A Chapter Day, is already running on my Facebook Live at 11 PT each morning. The videos will be transcribed and run on LexBlog’s YouTube channel. Bob Ambrogi is writing a blog post a week on LexBlog’s Blogging at LexBlog.
  • Blogging can feel intimidating. We’ll make it easier by sharing the questions needing answers for consumers and businesses. Think FAQ’s and this can be done for state and metros.

#Blog4Good is not about LexBlog.  We’re just tapping into the energy, passion, and desire to help of legal professionals, everywhere.

One, for the information itself, and two, so people can find the lawyers who understand the issue and who can help them. We’re going to see lawyers help in the years to come like we never have before.

We already have thousands of legal professions blogging about Covid-19 issues already on the LexBog network and LexBlog’s Coronavirus Legal Daily. They’re generating upwards of three hundred Covid-19 related posts a day.

We’re now ratcheting things up a little for the benefit of people facing challenges.

Bottom line, it’s an honor for my team to help the legal profession and the people we serve.