The challenges most of us are facing with the pandemic, such as social distancing, are minimal compared to someone getting the virus, the small businesses being closed, workers without jobs, people losing their health insurance, and people not being able to care for their loved ones because they’re prohibited from entering a hospital, rehab center or nursing home.

Those of us in the legal profession and legal industry (LexBlog included) have an obligation to lead. Working in the law, we’re the champions of the less fortunate. Other industries don’t have the same obligation.

LexBlog has seen lawyers rise to the occasion by providing guidance and insight, via blogging, on legal matters arising out of the pandemic. The public, their clients, and their client’s customers, employees and patients are hurting – and confused, at best, on multiple legal fronts. The lawyers are responding.

The impact of the virus covers all types of areas of the law – insurance, disability, health, employment, landlord tenant, real estate, banking, civil and criminal procedure and more.

In addition to existing laws and regulations, states, via their governors and executive agencies – in addition to the federal government, are given broad authority to act through executive order.

The interpretation of these laws and executive orders will be left to our nation’s lawyers. Without the lawyers sharing insight – one to one and through sharing their intellectual capital on the net – businesses and the public would be clueless.

While other businesses are hurting – if in Seattle, just walk through downtown, Pike Place or Belltown to see the emptiness – LexBlog is getting the opportunity to rise to the occasion.

We’re now seeing upwards of one hundred posts a day on the coronavirus pandemic our network. The lawyers publishing on the pandemic to our network represent by far the largest group of legal journalists reporting on the subject. No one can match them.

So it was time for Lexblog to get to work to shine a light on their insight and make available to consumers, businesses and other lawyers the best legal commentary on the pandemic.

As of today:

  • LexBlog is currently manually aggregating content and feeding it own “channel on the coronavirus.”
  • You can get there via but it is redirecting.
  • Things started off slow. A handful a day, but now we are seeing over one hundred posts a day related to Coronavirus/Covid-19.

As of next Wednesday:

  • We will have a standalone publication, Coronavirus Legal Daily, running on LexBlog’s Syndication Portal product.
  • Features are being developed that will enable the Portal to pull not only sources, such as a blog, but also posts on a subject, no matter the focus of a blog publication.
  • This portal feeds off our total community. If you have joined LexBlog as a contributing blogger in the past (it’s free), you can get in. All you need to do is write about Coronavirus/Covid-19.
  • This new portal will scan for posts about Coronavirus/Covid-19. It will only publish those posts from any author on our network (publications running on LexBlog WordPress platform or on another publishing platform) who is writing about the subject.
  • A directory will populate based on what bloggers/publications/organizations are writing about Coronavirus/Covid-19 (there are still pending questions about how this will setup).
  • Every day we will feature posts from authors on the front page and our social media.
  • Those posts will also go out in our Coronavirus Legal Daily newsletter, which will go out daily (M-F at 11am)