What Are The Risks of A Dog Bite?

Not all dogs are as cute and innocent as the one pictured here.  On average dog bites account for 1% of injury related emergency room visits.  About 4.5 million dog bites occur per year.  Not all result in severe injuries or necessitate treatment.  About 316,000 people are treated in hospitals.  There is not one breed that is more often responsible; however, Pit Bulls and Rottweiler breeds account for most human fatalities.  The majority of bite victims are children.  If you are bit by a dog, more likely than not you know the dog, and about half of all dog bites are unprovoked.  Any animal bite can result in severe infection, tendon ruptures and even involve foreign bodies-namely a broken tooth.

What Should I Do If A Dog Bites Me?

Seek medical attention.  Doctors will clean the wound and explore it for possible tendon tears and foreign bodies.  Your treating physician will then decide whether and how to close the wound.  The next thing you should do is consult with lawyer who is familiar with dog bite cases.  As a bite victim you have certain rights and legal remedies available to you.

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