I was exchanging notes with a professional in the marketing, communications and publishing field who’s carved out a national reputation for her work.

She’s blogged some in the past, but as she began again, she felt intimidated by that next post – you know what do I say, what do I teach, what’s the message, how do I get beyond looking at this blank screen.

I suggested something that’s worked for me the last sixteen a years – as well for a lot of bloggers I learned from. Getting vulnerable, and to get comfortable in being vulnerable.

Getting vulnerable in blogging works. Just share what you are reading/seeing, why you are sharing it and what you learned from it.

You will “meet” the people whose items you share and draw a following of people who are attracted to an authentic voice who is sharing what they are learning and experiencing.

Everyone wants to tell the world what they know. Especially lawyers. 

But people want to see what you’re learning, what you’re thinking and who you’re meeting along the way. People want to see someone who’s different.

The world is full of bloggers “teaching” and “reporting,” all good, but it’s rare to see people blog today the way blogging began and thrived – as a conversation.

Listening to what and who interested you and entering the conversation by sharing what you thought, what it means and what you learned. The party on the other side – the person whose copy you shared and upon which you commented in your blog post hears you. Conversation and engagement – the stuff that life is made of ensues. 

Blogging then becomes easy – after you get the hang of this style – you’ll feel the desire to share as you read things. You’ll crank out your thoughts, including what you don’t know, in about 20 or 30 minutes. 

If you want help on this style of blogging, just holler. One of the things I miss today as we’ve grown is not talking with as many lawyers about how to connect with people through blogging.