If the cold of New York City weren’t enough, I am headed for another round in Chicago for the rest of the week.

ABA TechShow is what’s in store. Entrepreneurs and innovators on both sides of the aisle.

Startup and emerging growth tech companies run by entrepreneurs on one side. On the other side, lawyers operating smaller firms, who by necessity to effectively serve real people and crack the financial nut, are entrepreneurs in every sense of the word.

I’m at home with these folks. I practiced as a trial lawyer 280 miles up the road in Wisconsin for almost 20 years. I was an entrepreneur as a lawyer and have been an entrepreneur for the last 20 years in legal tech companies.

Having a beer, sharing a meal, and doing business with these women and men who are shaping the law as the law relates to the vast majority of Americans, consumers and small business people, is the stuff that life – and real law – is made of.

Rather than being dominated by large companies, some of whom totally pulled their support from TechShow, large law firms and corporate legal shops (all of which have fine people), as is the case at other legal tech conferences, there’s something real and entrepreneurial about the crowd at TechShow.

Rightfully so, call it innovation and legal tech with large law and large corporations, but it’s not not the same sort of entrepreneurship as where the mortgage and credit card bills are on the line. 

Please look me up if you want to meet, discuss blogging/digital publishing or grab coffe or a pint. I’d welcome meeting, I am not near as bad as some of the large legal publishers may say I am. (Email or text/call, 206-321-3617)

I’ll be there Wednesday through Saturday afternoon. In addition to meetings and me interviewing some of you, here’s some of what I’ll be up to.

Also want to catch up with legal bloggers, including law student bloggers, to capture your experience with blogging for a new show I am starting. 😉