Rather than establish company values for LexBlog, I thought it better to memorialize the values that have guided us over the last fourteen years.

In other words, what’s brung us this far together?

Over a few days, okay a few months, I gathered my thoughts, sought feedback and memorialized our values by sharing them in a meeting with my team this summer.

Trying to massage the values for the perfect words the last month or two was only an excuse for not sharing them with you and my teammates in writing by now.

Well, here we go. Six values that have guided LexBlog and that I trust will guide us for years to come. 

We care, we compete, we own it, we engage, we have fun, and we stay fit.


  • We care for others on our team and for those we are honored to serve.
  • We make a difference in the lives of those working within the legal industry and the public which it serves.


  • We look to achieve a level of professional excellence in all we do, individually and as an organization.
  • Being the best does not stand in the way of moving forward.

Own it

As an entrepreneurial organization we define the work required to be done in our role. We look for resources and ideas, but do not look for others to do our work. 


Engagement online and offline is essential to learning, establishing trust, building relationships, and realizing one’s potential and dreams.

Have fun

Fun and competition to achieve a level of professional excellence are not mutually exclusive – they run hand in hand. Nothing is more fun than measuring success by the number of people we help.

Stay fit

Staying physically and mentally fit enables us to live these values and achieve our goals.