We’ll take LexBlog’s Legal Tech Founders series on the road this week to New Orleans for the annual Clio Cloud Conference.

For this series, I get behind press releases, funding announcements and new products to capture the story of a legal tech founder – so you can see what it’s all about, and maybe join them as a founder.

  • Why start a company?
  • What was the problem you saw that needed solving?
  • What gave you the courage to quit a day job and give up a regular paycheck?
  • How did you get by without a paycheck?
  • Bootstrap or funding?
  • When did you think you could pull it off?
  • What was the absolute low point?
  • What would you tell some crazy enough to think they want to be a legal tech entrepreneur?

A couple months ago, I hosted about a dozen legal tech founders for video interviews at ILTACon in D.C.  The stories – outstanding. The people – outstanding. Totally enjoyed it – and so did they. Check out the Legal Tech Founders site to catch the interviews, along with a transcript of our conversation.

What better place to take the Legal tech Founders series than to Clio Cloud 2018.

Clio is the epitome of a legal tech startup. Clio has also has done more as a platform for legal tech startups than any company.

Clio has built a huge ecosystem around its platform by integrating with over 100 legal technology solutions, the vast vast majority built by companies led by legal tech entrepreneurs and founders.  From Clio’s standpoint, it’s about working with companies that are pushing the boundaries of innovation in legal technology.

Legal tech founder? Willing to share your story? Look for LexBlog’s media booth in New Orleans.

I already have ten legal tech founders scheduled to talk with.  If you want to get scheduled ahead of time, email Caroline Hess, LexBlog’s marketing and communications lead.

See you there.