I’ll be attending the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) Annual Conference and Meeting in Austin this Sunday through Tuesday.

A couple of my friends and legal industry leaders, Bob Ambrogi and Ed Walters, have mentioned more than once that AALL is a good conference and that I should go. I’m following their advice and attending this year, the 110th anniversary of their Annual Meeting and Conference, for a number of reasons.

Most importantly to learn from some of the real leaders when it comes to legal information, legal publishing products, publishing for a competitive advantage and access to the law.

LexBlog is more of a managed WordPress platform for the law and legal publishing company than it is a marketing agency. It just happens that lawyers, like they have for as long as AALL’s has been around, appreciate that publishing builds a name and a network.

With WordPress on its way to being the digital publishing press for most everyone, and as a result the source of legal information, I want to better understand the role of legal publishing and legal information as well as the road ahead from AALL members.

As to AALL’s role in legal information and access to the law, look no further than their mission which is to be:

…[A] thriving professional association whose members and libraries-whether physical or virtual legal information services-are recognized as critical to the success of their organizations and as central to society. AALL members possess the knowledge and skills to maintain effectiveness in a constantly changing legal environment. Since the ready availability of legal information is a necessary requirement for a just and democratic society, AALL and its members advocate and work toward fair and equitable access to authentic current and historic legal information, and educate and train library users to be knowledgeable and skilled legal information consumers.

AALL’s backs this vision up by playing a role in helping shape federal regulations for legal publishing, copyright law and protecting access to the law for all citizens.

Maybe there’s an opportunity for LexBlog to serve members and the organizations they represent. The only way to find out is to get out and know people — it’s certainly not via blanket bombing marketing messages.

Inspiration is the leading reason I go to conferences. AALL’s looks to have some great speakers and presenters who are leading our industry whether it’s in the civil justice area, access to the law from the library of congress, social media’s role in legal information, technology’s role in access to the law and more. In three days, I hope to take in fair number of the presentations.

As way to shine a light on AALL, LexBlog is providing media coverage – interviews before hand, Facebook Live Interviews on site, Twittter curartion of some sessions via Storify and random Twitter and Facebook posts from me, personally, and LexBlog.

I am happy to get together to chat over coffee or a beer. Just email or call/text (206-321-3627)