Want to share the story of your startup with me on Facebook Live this week at Legaltech in New York City? Could be a tech startup or even a law firm startup.

The story for me is not the stuff that press releases are made of, but more of the human story, often of most interest to customers and influencers.

Thinks like:

  • How’d you get started?
  • What made you crazy enough to do a startup?
  • How’d you scratch by without any money?
  • How you used blogging and/or social media to build a name?
  • What’s been the scariest moment in getting up and going?
  • What’s been the most rewarding moment?
  • What are you hoping to accomplish?

In addition to the large legal technology and publishing players, there are always plenty of founders of innovative tech startups at Legaltech, whether exhibiting or networking. Over the last few years, we’re seeing more and more law firms leveraging technology and innovation to deliver legal services more efficiently. I expect they’ll be a few law firm founders like that attending.

My company, LexBlog, has always had a presence at Legaltech. Not in the traditional sense of booths etc, but through blogging, social media and video interviews – all covering the event.

This year it’s me doing some Facebook Live interviews telling the human side of startups. You can expect to get some good coverage not only through Facebook, but also through my sharing of the videos on Twitter and my blog. LexBlog will share word of the videos as well on our network.

Reach me on Facebook messenger, kevin@lexblog.com or call/text at 206 321 3627.