Florida attorney, Rick Georges blogs that he’s always unimpressed with pitches from companies promising to increase his visibility on Google.

I have never attempted to increase my visibility online; but, have opted to continue providing content which I think is pertinent and valuable (a matter of opinion), and to do it often. After 20 years of web writing, and 11 years of blogging, I think the secret is providing quality content on a frequent and consistent basis over time.

As a result, searches relating to legal technology routinely bring up posts from “Futurelawyer,” Rick’s blog.

Perhaps there’s the occasion to pay for SEO help. Maybe you’re not willing to share of yourself like Rick. But knowing as well as Rick the power of giving of yourself, I, too, am a believer that you “don’t pay money to someone who claims to increase your visibility.”

Beyond proper indexing of content on Google, sound technology and offering value to readers, there’s little I have done to optimize my blog for Google. Yet, like Rick, my blog ranks at the top of Google for searches for items I have blogged about.

Rick suggests sharing your blog posts on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and other sites.

I’m with him. I share my posts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Sure, there’s likely some direct influence on Google search. Rick believes especially in the case of Google+.

The indirect impact may be greater though. That being building your name, influence and readers. So long as you are sharing other’s content (blog posts, news stories), you and your blog posts will be received.

But bottom line, I agree with Rick.  “Do good work, do it often, and do it everywhere you can. No big secret.”