Chief Seattle fireboatBack in Seattle from the ABA TechShow in Chicago. That’s the Chief Seattle fireboat as seen from the ferry pulling out of Elliot Harbor to home on Bainbridge Island.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at TechShow though this 52 year old body has a hard time staying up to bar time with the likes of Ben Stevens, Dominic Jaar, Adriana Linares, and Ben Schorr (there’s many more whose names slip my mind).

Working the concierge desk gave me the opportunity to meet a ton of folks. Existing LexBlog Clients and fellow speakers were among the many I enjoyed talking with.

If you haven’t been to TechShow in the past, start going. There’s much to learn from presentations that are heavy on practical information that can be put to immediate use.

You’ll receive plenty of inspiration to use technology in ways to make your personal and professional life more rewarding. And, perhaps most importantly, are the life long friends you’ll meet and get to know.

I first attended TechShow in 1997. As I told Adriana Linares, but for the inspiration I received there and at a Web marketing conference in California, I’d still be practicing law (not that that’s a bad thing). I would have never gone on to found and now, LexBlog.

Many lawyers accept their fate, foregoing greater heights within their reach. Going to conferences like TechShow can inspire you to reach for something more. I strongly encourage you to do so.

Thanks to Tom Mighell and the other board members who were kind enough to give me the privilege of presenting (with Greg Siskind, the Godfather of legal marketing even). I hope I didn’t let you down. And I look forward to attending for many years to come.